In Brazil, the term ‘bowl food’ doesn’t really exist, we call it Refeição na Tigela, which means ‘plates and bowls.’ This menu offers a real mix of classic and modern Brazilian flavours which really add to the fun and flavour of any event.

“This menu brings together some really classic dishes in a fun and modern form. Bowl food is a great way to taste so many flavours from my country and they make it easy for guests to eat as much or as little as they like.”

– Rog

Something Savoury
Feijoada Completa
Black beans, chorizo, pork loin, smoked pork ribs and smoked bacon served with plain rice, orange, couve (Collard greens) and cassava flour

Vaca Atolada
Aged, Lake District short rib beef with cassava roots cooked in a fresh tomato sauce

Bobo de Camarão
Beautiful kings prawns cooked with fragrant coconut, palm oil, and cassava cream

Lombo Recheado
Loin stuffed with plum and apple and served with mash or rice

Cozido à Brasileira
Aged, Lake District beef with smoked bacon, chorizo, banana, sweet potato, okra, pumpkin and cabbage, served cassava mash

Lombo assado com verdura
Roast loin of pork cooked in an orange sauce, served with roasted corn cut from the cob and green beans

Camarão a Baiana
King prawns, coconut milk, palm oil, tomato sauce, lemon juice, coriander, parsley and spring onion come together in this classic dish that’s served with saffron rice

Frango Role
Chicken fillet stuffed with carrots and chorizo, roasted and braised in a mango sauce

Bobo de Frango
Chicken with coconut, palm oil, and cassava cream

Calderada de frutos do mar a Baiana
cornish seafood cooked simply with spices, coconut milk and palm oil sauce, served with rice and cassava mash
To finish...something sweet

This beautiful Brazilian chocolate bonbon is usually served at birthday parties and is made by mixing sweetened condensed milk, butter and cocoa powder together and covering it in grated chocolate for a big chocolate hit!

Abacaxi frito
Skewers of pineapple marinated in rum and griddled to char to get those natural, caramelised sugars really coming out

Pavê de Chocolate
Pavê is a Brazilian dessert that resembles a tiramisu but is oh so much better! This wonderful no-bake layered dessert dish is made with a combination of cookies, vanilla cream, fruits and chocolate