The word confraternização literally means, ‘a meeting of family for a party!’ This menu offers a visually spectacular meal served in a three-part sharing format that really captures the spirit of a carnival meal with family and friends

“This menu is really special. It represents the food that we eat when all of my friends and family get together, it’s a real hearty celebration meal and somehow everything always gets eaten, especially after a few caipirinhas…”

– Rog

Part 1 – as selection of starters to get things rolling!
these teardrop shaped dough-balls are stuffed with flavoured, shredded chicken and are hugely popular in Brazil, they appear on every street corner!

Much like breaded empanadas, rissolés dough is rolled out, filled with a range of delicious, classic and modern fillings before being breaded and deep fried.

Empada de creme de Frango
These small, cupcake-sized pies are made with a rich crumbly pastry and packed with savoury fillings that are bursting with flavour.

Espetinho de Camarão
Classic beach-style prawn skewers, grilled to perfection

Espetinho de vegetale
(v) Marinated and barbequed vegetables

Espetinho de queijo Coalho
This amazing Brazilian cheese is often served on the beaches. It’s a bit squeaky like halloumi and is an absolute must try!

Salada fria
a Bountiful, refreshing salad of cheese, salami, ham, olives, heart of palm and seasonal leaves

Salada de abobora
(v) Seasonal salad of roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, cheese and blackened red onions

Peixe na brasa
Fresh market fish cooked in banana leaves
Part 2 – the main event, an amazing selection of classic Brazilian cuisine – serious eating!
Moqueca de Peixe

The residents of Bahia have been serving this traditional fish stew of coconut milk, sweet pepper, onion, fresh tomatoes and palm oil for 300 years so you know it’s pretty special!

Bobó de Camarão
A classic Brazilian dish of shrimp, cooked in a purée of manioc, cassava meal and coconut

Vaca atolada
A typical Brazilian dish made from aged, short rib beef that’s cooked with pieces of cassava (yucca) root and is big on flavour!

Bacalhau a Brasileira
Taken from the Portuguese, bacalhau is as much a part of Brazilian cuisine as shrimps and coconut and this dish features fresh fillets that have been soaked and then pan fried with roasted vegetables and a fragrant tomato sauce.

Moqueca Capixaba
This special dish from the state of Espírito Santo is influenced by Native Brazilian cuisine. Cooked in a traditional clay pot with olive oil and achiote pigment, our Moqueca capixaba is made with the freshest seafood from coastal British waters and seasoned with onion, tomatoes, coriander and chives and accompanied by pirão, a paste made with yucca root flour and the gravy from the cooking process.

Feijoada Carioca
Probably the most famous of all Brazilian dishes, this national dish is something no feast could be without. It shares similarities with cassoulet but contains black beans, slowly cooked with pork and spices and comes served with steamed rice, farofa, sautéed greens and a fresh orange garnish.

Picanha na chapa
To complete the feast it’s always nice to have a piece of chargrilled beef and we use the classic picanha or rump cap. Tender and full of flavour, this cut is seared on the outside and then cooked to medium rare before being rested, sliced and served with a classic molho vinaigrette.
Part 3 – something sweet to finish!
Torta de banana

This baked banana tart can be found everywhere in Brazil. It’s got a great natural sweetness and we serve ours with a lime cream to cut through the rich pastry.

Pavê de chocolate
No dessert is complete without a bit of chocolate and this delicious layered chocolate trifle is similar to a tiramisu, complete with a good splash of booze.

Torta de côco
This sweet and fragrant tart made with coconut in various forms is light and absolutely delicious!