In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbecue and our Churrasco Completo menu features classic Brazilian barbeque staples as well as some awesome sides, salads and salsas.

“On Sundays a big group of us get together and everyone brings something. I love the Picanha steak, it’s a great combination of texture and flavour. We love salads and rice dishes, but for me the Feijo Tropiero is the best side dish, it reminds me of my sister as she still makes the best one – this is her recipe!”

– Rog

Top of the rump or rump cap – tender and full of flavour

Top sirloin – as a classic sirloin

Linguiça Apimentada
A Calabrese sausage brought to Brazil by Italian immigrants. We make our own signature version, it’s a must try!

Skewered chicken hearts, tender and full of flavour (Tom’s favourite)

Marinated chicken thighs, blackened on the bone

Lombo de porco
Loin pork, dry rubbed and cooked medium

Peixe na brasa
Fresh market fish cooked in banana leaves

Espetinho de Camarão
Classic beach-style prawn skewers, grilled to perfection

(v) Espetinho de vegetaile
Marinated and barbequed vegetables

(v) Espetinho de queijo Coalho
Amazing Brazilian cheese usually served on the beaches. It’s a bit squeaky like halloumi and is another must try!

To accompany the party…

Arroz a Grega
(v) Greek rice salad with carrot, sultanas and roasted onions

Arroz com broccoli
(v) Dark rice with grilled broccoli and black sesame seeds

Arroz com côco e Açafrão
(v) A beautiful fragrant rice with saffron and coconut milk
Mandioca frita

(v) Deep fried cassava root, this is a real classic and one not to be missed

Feijão tropeiro
A casserole of cassava flour, pancetta, onion, chorizo and couve (Brazilian collard greens) – Rog’s favourite!
Salada de abobora

(v) Seasonal salad of roasted pumpkin, pumpkin seeds, cheese and blackened red onions

Salada de beterraba
(v) Heritage beetroots with roasted corn and spring onion

Salada de manga
(v) A simple and refreshing mango salad with ripe tomatoes

A crème caramel style dessert of milk and fresh coconut

Espetinho de abacaxi
barbequed pineapple skewers soaked in rum cooked on the grill

Canjica de milho verde
Traditional baked mousse made from sweetcorn, polenta and coconut milk served with fresh mango sorbet