Our Brazilian Menus show that we’re pretty proud of our cuisine at RBK…

Brazilian cuisine is colourful and lively and brings the taste of carnival to Britain.  Even though there’s no Copacabana beach, Britain has some of the finest seafood and produce in the world.  This natural larder inspired us to start RBK.  Our Brazilian Menus are tailored to the season, and give you a unique experience.

The aim of our Brazilian menus is authenticity.  We are proud to use great British ingredients to complement and enhance our cuisine.

Our meat comes Lake District Farmers.  This is a co-op of farmers who got together to produce some of the best meat that you can buy in the UK. They serve some of London’s best restaurants and are so popular, there’s a waiting list to become one of their customers.

Our fish comes from a variety of sources.  These include the Colchester Oyster Fishery, Murrays Fish and  directly from the small boat fisherman of Cornwall. We only use sustainably sourced fish and pride ourselves on our sea-husbandry ethics.

Our veggies are from a range of top quality suppliers.  Whenever possible we choose vegetables grown here in the UK, although we haven’t quite mastered the art of growing coconuts or pineapples, yet…

Our Brazilian Menus

Our Brazilian menus are pretty straightforward.  Each caters for a different sort of party.  Every single one is packed with Brazilian flair and flavour.

Canapé - Tira-Gosto

Our Canapé menu.  Tira-Gosto is based on street food. Unlike normal canapés, these tasty morsels are pretty filling.  If you’re having a party, they’ll keep even the hungriest of guests satisfied.


Bowl Food - Refeição na Tigela

Our Bowl Food menu. Refeição na Tigela is a collection of classic and modern Brazilian dishes.  These are served as small bowls of 5 or 6 bites.  The idea is to have enough room to try all the flavours from our kitchen.  This menu is great for a stand-up party where your guests need to be fed properly!


Next is one for the warmer months, the mighty Churrasco menu! Brazilians really know how to barbeque! At RBK we pride ourselves on the quality of our Churrasco with some amazing meats, fishes and veggies! A barbeque isn’t just about meat though.  Our Churrasco menu is complemented by am array of salads, rice dishes and sides to make this a real event!


Feast Menu - Confraternizacao

Finally, our Feast Menu. It’s a real celebration meal with a bountiful menu served in a sharing format.  The meal is served in 3 parts. The first parts get the ball rolling.  You’ll enjoy amazing skewer, crispy bites and salad and market fish wrapped in banana leaf! Part 2 is the main event.  This is a real celebration of Brazilian cuisine.  Your classic dishes include the mighty Feijoado, the national dish of Brazil! Part 3 rounds things off with special Brazilian desserts to finish the feast in style!


We can adapt the foods in our Brazilian Menus to allow for any food allergies, or intolerances.  If your guests have a special requirement, just let us know.

For more information about our Brazilian food, or to book an event, please contact us today.