Here at RBK we love Brazilian cuisine, not just barbeques and meat on sticks, but real Brazilian cuisine, as varied as it is colourful from the classic Feijoda Carioca (slow cooked pork and black beans – similar to French Cassoulet) to colourful seafood stews like Moqueca de Peixe. Just like its people, Brazilian food is true melting pot of cultures and styles and here at RBK we marry beautiful exotic ingredients with the amazing produce of the UK.

I’m Rogerio Oliviera Costa and I started RBK to allow people to experience the amazing food from my country. My heritage is native Brazilian Indian and I was brought-up with constant exposure to the amazing markets and produce of Brazil. As a kid I was surrounded by food and family, with many of my favourite dishes being taught to me by my grandmother. My love of the food of my country grew through my travels as a chef in the Brazilian merchant navy and then as a chef in both Brazil and London

Now I’ve teamed up with Tom Whitaker, my friend and fellow chef to create my Brazilian kitchen. My ethos for food is simple; fresh, vibrant and tasty food prepared with care and delivered with a bit of Brazilian fun and passion!

Whether you’re at home, in the park or the middle of the street, Rogerio’s Brazilian Kitchen brings the true passion and flavour of Brazil to you. If you don’t see us with our charcoal grill at a range of street food venues then get in touch and we’ll bring our party to you!

The names of some of my dishes may not be familiar to you but I think that’s what makes my food exciting – I’d love to share my Brazil with you and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!